Stunning MINI Cooper Cabrio

Few weeks ago was one of my lucky days. I received a call from BMW that I could have a MINI Cooper for one week. I was amazed that they choose me and called my friend who makes photos for my Instagram and Website, if she has time so I can accept this great offer. I´m a huge fan of MINI. Classic MINI is the best of them all (for me at least)! Who tried, knows what I´m talking about. It´s connect with the road like a small formula :-) I have a MINI Countryman, but this is something different! Expect only beautiful feelings inside.

The day I came for the car was a nice sunny day and next upcoming days it should be around 20 degrees (unusual for October, but such a great timing for me). I was lucky because of the weather and even that I received a Cabrio. Caribbean Aqua was the colour of the car with white rims - ideal combination for a girl. I loved all the changing colours inside, you can choose from so many, every day a different colour, like changing your mood. This car is an eye catcher and you don´t realize how fast you´re going. With a good music on, no way stopping.

My favourite time for driving was during the day and sunshine, I put the rooftop down (which takes only 18 seconds - this is a "woooow moment") and was driving around to catch all of my daily duties. With this cuties everything was like "life is amazing" and "I don´t care what comes next" :-)

And all that MINI clothing and MINI collection is just a cherry on the top. I especially loved a grey sweater with the MINI sign (sooo cozy) and the small luggage (cabin trolley) which was even in the colour of the car. But I would need also a t-shirt, cup for coffee, umbrella, watch, blanket, water bottle and and and :-)

I really enjoyed my one week!

If you guys have a MINI or would like to buy one, please, write me anytime. I´ll be happy to hear your opinion.