MINI Countryman Cooper S ALL4

You already know my passion for MINIs. Last time I had the chance to try a new MINI Cooper Cabrio, in October 2017, which was amazing. And this time I could have for one week a new MINI Countryman. The best one for the mountains - with all 4 drive. And what I loved the most on it? Well, I´m not a technical type, so I write it as from a girls view :-) And I can compare it with our MINI Countryman, which is the previous model.

The technicians made a super job! Everytime I sit in the car, I need to call someone. So for me is bluetooth essential. They made the voice sound better when you call, the navi is set up in the middle of the car together with radio and other stuff, you have more variety of colours (small lights) in your car (in the front, on the sides, behind for the other seats etc.), I had a type with automatic gearbox, the sound of the music is brilliant and the best was the swiftness of the car (I was sooo fast, I loved that). I´m not interested in the technical details, but I know what´s good. Oh, and you don´t need to put anywhere inside the key to start the car. Just press the red button and opening of the car is even as easy :-) Just push the handle and that´s it. The key you can have in your pocket.

This is how I imagine a car :-)

Thanks to MINI Slovensko and BMW!!!