Mentally anywhere else

I am really sorry for my delay with posts... I could find some time during the nights to write at least a few sentences, but normally in the evening I am so tired, that I am just happy to post a new picture that I have done for you on my Instagram @mpaleska and have some free time for myself (what´s after 10:00 pm, but I am lucky, not complaining :-)).

And this is one of my favourite looks. You can imagine why. The colours are just perfect to me... black and white! My LOVE, my favourite ones :-) That T-shirt with sign I bought in sale for some 7 € and is one that I wear at the most. I am a huge fan of T-shirts with any kind of signs :-)

And what will be new on my blog, I will start to write even in Slovak language :-) Kisses and have a good day.

Shop the look: T-Shirt Mango (sorry, already sold out), Skirt (I had a size S, but normally I am M), Shoes Deichmann, Cross-body bag Coccinelle