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I help you achieve your business and career goals through LinkedIn.


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LinkedIn workshop

In a single day, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of LinkedIn, improve your profile, develop an effective communication strategy, increase your visibility, and build a strong online presence on LinkedIn. The workshop will help you create a high-quality profile that will set you apart from the competition. If you are looking to build your brand, it will help you develop a LinkedIn strategy that will reach your target customers or business partners.

If you are looking to grow your business, the workshop will help you build a network of contacts on LinkedIn that will enable you find new customers or business partners. LinkedIn is one of the most important professional and business platforms in the world.

The workshop will help you leverage its potential and achieve your career or business goals. The training is personalized to your specific requirements and needs.


Through consultation, we define your LinkedIn goals, which include finding a new job, building your brand, acquiring new customers or business partners. We will review your personal or corporate profile and provide feedback on how to improve it. The recommendations will cover content, appearance, or profile settings. We will help you develop and implement a strategy to achieve your LinkedIn goals, which will include recommendations for content, promotion, or networking.

Consultation can be one-time or on a regular and long-term basis, where you are guaranteed progress and advancement in achieving your set goals.

Creating / updating profile

Creating or updating a profile helps you build a strong online presence and reach potential employers, customers, or business partners. Creating a new profile can take 4-5 hours. Editing a profile depends on its current state and your needs.

Managing of the profile

Long-term collaboration that will allow you to constantly improve your LinkedIn profile and achieve better results. We will optimize your profile, define your goals, and develop strategies to achieve them. We help with content creation that is relevant to your target audience and contributes to achieving your goals.

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Who am I?

Marta Pálešová

For more than 15 years, I was a client manager at Tatra Banka for SME and large corporate clients. However, I always wanted to build something of my own. After careful consideration, I decided to end my corporate career. I have been involved in LinkedIn for more than 8 years. I focus on creating content and managing profiles of individuals and legal entities. I provide LinkedIn trainings based on the individual needs of the client and I am a grateful mentor to students at the Digital University.

What you don’t know about me?
In addition to my full-time job, I also had a side job. While managing my client’s social media, I ran a cake and muffin baking company with a friend for four years. I learned to play the saxophone, whose sound I love. However, I’m not very good at playing it 🙂 In my student days, I didn’t really love my name Marta. However, since I discovered the charm of Spain and Portugal, I am grateful that my parents chose it for me. It fits me perfectly here.

My clients



I highly recommend working with Marta on behalf of the entire ARTRA team. As a company, we decided to start building our personal profiles along with our corporate profile. We wanted to get advice from someone knowledgeable on how to do it fast. After finding and reviewing her LinkedIn profile, we arranged a short video call in a matter of minutes, where we presented our needs and at the same time made sure we were talking to the right person. Within 1 week, an introductory LinkedIn training took place for our entire sales team. The training was very beneficial in terms of content. It was 100% understandable. We all praised it. All of our questions were answered. We will definitely use her services again when we want to dive deeper into LinkedIn. Thank you!

Ivan Arvay Chief Brand Officer, ARTRA SAFETY

In addition to being a LinkedIn expert, Marta is also an amazing, very positive person full of energy, which she knows how to fully convey to us, the trainees. I have already attended two workshops with her, which were very beneficial and intensive even for me as a marketer, who is familiar with social networks . However, LI has its not-so-obvious nooks and crannies and features that a person would definitely not find on their own. The training was very informative and broadened my horizons and those of my colleagues, thanks to it, we were able to build the next steps in setting the strategy. Thank you 🙏🏼

Kvetoslava Krajčí Head of Marketing at Trinity Hotels & Resorts

Marta is a great professional who guided us through the complex intricacies of LinkedIn with ease and an emphasis on immediate practical application. I must admit that after just one meeting with her, my LinkedIn skills improved significantly. Marta is a pleasant, passionate, and inspiring personality, and it is really clear that she does what she really enjoys. Our other colleagues also evaluated the workshop very positively. Thank you!

Zuzana Dobšovič Head of People, CBRE Slovakia

With colleagues from the #ALSSR Leasing Companies Association, we were looking for a partner who would introduce us to the secrets, advantages, and benefits of LinkedIn. In Marta Pálešová, we found a professional who, in a short time and in plain language, empathetically considering our age and experience :-), introduced us to the subject and assisted in creating and adjusting our personal profiles. Thank you, Marta!

Richard Daubner CEO v ČSOB Leasing

LinkedIn is becoming an essential part of our professional lives. It is an excellent channel for self-promotion or company presentation. If you invest a little time in it, it can bring results. And to help you invest that time wisely, there is Marta Pálešová. Her training will show you the potential that this social network has and how to use it. You will learn tricks and tips on when and how to post, how to improve your profile and get more attention from potential clients or employers. Marta is an absolute professional and I highly recommend working with her.

Michal Majek Chief Information Office at Tatra Asset Management

I have long felt that LinkedIn could be an important tool for me and my company to build professional relationships and brand awareness. However, it wasn't until we started working with Marta that we began to see real results. I am grateful for her patience with me 🙂 and believe that her expertise, humanity, and sense of humor will continue to help us develop our company and important relationships, both on and off LinkedIn.

Miroslav Hudák CEO at Nesia - nábytok a interiér

Training with Marta was an experience - comprehensive information on how to use LinkedIn for businesses and individuals. Pleasant, content-rich and useful training. Simple, clear and practical instructions and insights. Thank you.

Jana Scalzi Pristavkova HR Manager at Corwin

Proxenta has just completed an introductory course on LinkedIn. It has confirmed our belief that anyone who is not on LinkedIn is essentially invisible in business. Ms. Pálešová is a highly respected expert, and we are already looking forward to advanced training and further cooperation.

Raymond Kopka Vice President of Investment Sales at Proxenta

Marta Pálešová is a rare combination of professional knowledge, digital skills, and a human touch. Working with her, whether through her trainings or consulting services, is enriching and helps to take things to the next level.

Ľuboš Hianik Head of Corporate Riska Management at Tatra banka

Do not underestimate LinkedIn. Marta convincingly and with the help of numbers summarized why it is necessary to throw away shyness and join LinkedIn. It is a space where professional news is cultivated and debated, which can also be influenced by personal experiences and stories. Marta masters the laws of LinkedIn, how it works and what its reach is. Thanks to her workshop, I am no longer afraid to be authentic and I am glad that there is a non-hate community on LinkedIn. It is worth trying Marta's workshop if you want to be active and have good posts on LinkedIn.

Kateřina Chajdiaková koordinátorka, Slovenská klimatická iniciatíva

I have been following Marta on LinkedIn for a long time, and I have always felt positive energy coming from her posts and videos. Even though we didn't know each other, she kindly gave me advice based on her experience in my study dilemma 🙂 I then had the opportunity to attend her LI workshop, which was packed with information and practical tips. The positive energy and impression she left on me before our personal meeting was confirmed during the day I spent at her workshop. If you are looking for an authentic and professional partner on your journey to exploring the world of LinkedIn, Marta is definitely the right choice 🙂

Katarína Lacková HR Manager, NAY a.s.


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